Brick Wall

Everyone alive contributes something to their society. Every human that has ever lived has given and taken something from this great city of Humanity. We get to choose what our contributions and subtractions will be. Some people build their wall only to demolish it. When we become part of someone else’s life, we get to lay down more bricks in their wall and ours. We become part of their story as they are incorporated into ours. Collectively, we begin to build a city.

Our bricks are the quirks and experiences that make us who we are. Every brick looks different based on the incident that formed it. A brick wall has dark, light, crumbling, and sturdy bricks. A life cannot be judged based on one instance just as a wall cannot be judged by one brick. I want to have a purpose that is greater than myself; I don’t want to lead a life that is just aesthetically pleasing.