My Angel


Her hollow form echoes-
echoes what?
I do not know.

The mountains rejoice-
The valleys weep,
As the angel comes for me.

Hands clasped, lips pursed-
revealing the fate Destiny determined.


Angel of Death Picture


Two Worlds

There is life in me-
conscious existence-
I hear your trembling whispers
and the hymns of heaven.
I do not know which holds me closer.

Here and there-
to where shall I end?
I wish to find in your arms, I-
but that heavenly embrace. . .

I hope to cause less pain-
act for whatever that may be.
For my voice and strength are insufficient.

I am here, lost-
you are there, gone.

August 2003



I thought I was finished-
the beast advanced.
The lightning fueled fury-
accompanied by terrorizing thunder-
announced its reign.

The clouds kissed the ground
as Heaven threw Hell to Earth.
The swarming, black mass-
nothing but clouds- childhood innocence-
swiftly stole souls into the darkness.

Day faded to starless night.
Sunday praise dissolved into
fervent, fearful prayer,
but that terrible roar drowned them out.

Nature will defy herself.
Trees will grow tall and proud.
Buildings will be built stronger and grander.
It all began early, Sunday morning.

Supercell Photograph