Silently in the Night



Their perfect silence was apocalyptic.
Stars could not be shackled,
Comet tails could not be curtailed,
Galaxies ground against their neighbors.

Expanding, Flexing, Giving, Taking-
all in nothingness.
Every moment was an act of war-
without egos to satisfy or conquests to launch.
The heavens flowed as such,
while I watched in perfect silence.

Starry Night Sky Photograph

Redneck Summers


Growing up under the flag,
watching it wave,
anthem resounding-
giving way to roars.
Engines- purred, stuttered, stammered- lived.

I lived alongside-
heart in time with pistons,
legs with the sled.

Cherry-sweet fumes billowed-
rising high into the clouds,
dissipating until
the vapors were one with the atmosphere.

I listened as ancient beasts
were set aflame and
entertained more than my daydreams.
Their lives reduced to pollution
and that cherry-sweet scent.

Town to town,
State to state,
Summer to Autumn,
Always under the flag.

Wild Child Truck Photograph

Wishing to the Thousandth Degree


I picked one at random-
staking my future on it.
Then, muttered prayers were heaven-bound.
I hoped an angel would encounter
my plea and guard me.

On unfathomably dark nights,
I would pray for a streak of shooting hope-
Those were guaranteed.
The darting figure of a plane
was never enough.
Only lightyears between could intercede.

In the end it didn’t matter.
If it was above,
it was mine to wish upon.

Nasa Space Photographs