The Golden Campaign


O’ brother where art thou?
For I know you are tossed within the ranks.
I believe I’ve heard your wails.

Yes! Come forward!
Sprint! Faster now!
For they’re on your heels.
They shall not stop-
forge on!

Golden heart, unmatched by those of gild-
Rise up soon,
for we shall be lost without you.

U.S. Constitution Photograph


Silently in the Night



Their perfect silence was apocalyptic.
Stars could not be shackled,
Comet tails could not be curtailed,
Galaxies ground against their neighbors.

Expanding, Flexing, Giving, Taking-
all in nothingness.
Every moment was an act of war-
without egos to satisfy or conquests to launch.
The heavens flowed as such,
while I watched in perfect silence.

Starry Night Sky Photograph

Redneck Summers


Growing up under the flag,
watching it wave,
anthem resounding-
giving way to roars.
Engines- purred, stuttered, stammered- lived.

I lived alongside-
heart in time with pistons,
legs with the sled.

Cherry-sweet fumes billowed-
rising high into the clouds,
dissipating until
the vapors were one with the atmosphere.

I listened as ancient beasts
were set aflame and
entertained more than my daydreams.
Their lives reduced to pollution
and that cherry-sweet scent.

Town to town,
State to state,
Summer to Autumn,
Always under the flag.

Wild Child Truck Photograph

Wishing to the Thousandth Degree


I picked one at random-
staking my future on it.
Then, muttered prayers were heaven-bound.
I hoped an angel would encounter
my plea and guard me.

On unfathomably dark nights,
I would pray for a streak of shooting hope-
Those were guaranteed.
The darting figure of a plane
was never enough.
Only lightyears between could intercede.

In the end it didn’t matter.
If it was above,
it was mine to wish upon.

Nasa Space Photographs