A Duck Limerick 

Hannah is a funny gal

She has a duck named Mal

He went on a plane ride

And he sadly died

So she got a duck named Sal

That little gem is unedited and straight out of my Mother’s Day writing book from fifth grade.

Although my drawing abilities plateaued in 2nd grade, I am constantly developing my writing. It’s important to keep your old work, regardless of its degree of weirdness or level of embarrassment. Steady improvement is just as important as reflection. You can’t judge your current level of proficiency without considering what you’ve improved from and the level you aspire to attain.

In addition to giving you the opportunity to appreciate your progress, old works allow you to reexamine your past through wiser eyes. Your past writing reveals your mental state and life events at the time you created the work.

The knowledge that is gained from your old, embarrassing pieces is just as important as the memories behind them.


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