Metal Loopholes

The metal sheet was abnormally hot and had been vibrating ever since I entered the city. Neither water nor electricity had an effect on the card’s warmth and movement. When the card was thrust into my hands three years ago, my only guidance was to find the symbols. Now, I could only hope that the abrupt changes meant that an end to my quest was fast approaching.

imageI glanced up and saw an image forming in the sky. I hurriedly wove through people on the bustling sidewalks and dashed through crosswalks to reach it. I stopped at the base of the Willis Tower and craned my neck to see that the symbol was directly above the antennas. I burst through the doors and pounded up the seemingly endless flights of stairs. I stepped out onto the roof to see that someone was already there.

She shot me a cold, concerned glare and anxiously beckoned me forward. We stood shoulder to shoulder and she flashed me her metal card. The brilliant sunlight glinted off of our cards as we cautiously examined each other’s. As we exchanged engravings, the cloud above us was torn apart and I blacked out.

I found myself gasping for air on a dock. I had returned to that fateful night, except that I was the old, dying man thrusting the mysterious metal into the unwilling hands of another.image


Willis Tower Photograph

Dock in Fog Photograph


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