Goin’ On Up to the Asylum in the Sky

A light flickered on and off above my head. My arms and legs would not move. I could send impulses to my muscles and they would contract, but every fiber of my being was cemented in place. I attempted to swing my body forward and break the invisible chains. I continued to throw myself in every direction and gradually regained motion. Starting with my pinkie, I progressively transferred the mobility to the rest of my body. Once all of me was free, I tried to locate a door. I stumbled through a space that was defined by alternating periods of absolute darkness and dim light, but I couldn’t find a structure of any kind.

I panicked and began to sprint. I didn’t worry about crashing into a wall, I had to get out. With each stride I took, I hoped that I would collide with something. The timing of my footsteps’ echoes changed and I prayed that it signified I was close. Close became too close and I was laying on the ground cradling my head with my hands.

I staggered to my feet and headed forward in search of the object I had rammed into. I extended my arms and was quickly greeted by a cold barrier. I frisked the surface of the wall for any unordinary features. My search revealed nothing and I rested my head on the rough material. When I opened my eyes I saw my house just beyond the now translucent retainer. It was surrounded by strangers. I withdrew from the wall and was alone in the pitch black arena. Gasping, I placed my face back on the facade and watched an unfamiliar family play in the yard.

I pounded my fists on the surface. I kicked and thrashed about. Nothing I did had an effect on the barrier. I collapsed and found cruel comfort on the floor. I stared into the floor and saw dark clouds obscure the earth far below.


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