Inspiration is a build-up. It has no clear start. In its true form, it has no end. It’s a cycle that requires a lifetime to create and nurture. It cannot be easily faked or forced. Forced creativity is just as bad as self-limited creativity.

Thankfully, not all creativity is equal. Some of us are given brushes while others are given words. Those whose hands were meant to write, tend to criticize their painted creations with Frankensteinian contempt. Their hands are meant to express what the tongue speaks, not what the eyes imagine.

Within the vast land of creativity, there are degrees of creativity. Not every painter was meant to bring the Mona Lisa or The Scream to life. Some are da Vinci or Edvard Munch, but we all have a statement that can be made through art.

That’s all art should be: your emotionalized statement.

It should convey some message in an unassuming form. This is why individuals with a keen eye will analyze works for hours at a time. They want to discover the artists’ purpose in the art. An artist is their work.

That’s the beauty of art. It’s not defined by what it is, but by what can be done with it.

Things To Do With Your Creativity:

I am a visual learner. These are visual representations that can be transformed into any art form.


Give your art medium a special piece of you that expresses one of your loves through a passion. Find something that has already resonated with you and give it your spin. Weird Al has made a living off of this and if he could do it, so can you.


Drawing by John Neathery

This piece was make by meticulously placing thousands of dots. On their own they were insignificant. Together, they create this stunning image. Art is simultaneously divisible and indivisible. It takes brushstrokes, words, notes… to create a full piece.


Photo by Courtney Clark

Take something and just blow it up (figuratively or literally, both are art in my world). Art doesn’t have to make sense. It’s open for interpretation. If art made perfect sense, then no one would go to concerts or pay for someone else’s ideas on paper. The best reflection of our lives, beliefs, emotions-humanity-tends to be a beautiful, jumbled mess.

I wish I could claim these works as my own, but as I stated earlier, my medium is not in the expression of eyes.

Author’s Note: I’m proud to say that these pieces came from my high school art show, which featured art from all grade levels.


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