Diamond Mind



A passion consumes you. It steals you away in the middle of the night. Then it robs you of your sleep and time. Have one intense passion and you’re guaranteed to go insane (to some degree). Have more than one passion and you’ve signed your life away to a mental circus and you star in the tightrope balancing act.


Those with one passion are referred to as crazy and obsessed. And those who balance are superhuman. We forget that we have passions as well. We forget that the obsessively insane and balancing superheroes are just human.

Natural DiamondA passion is a diamond in the rough. Conceptually, you know what it can be transformed into, but you don’t believe it can be done. You only see the dirty hunk in front of you. You have to be obsessed or a superhuman to turn it into a ring-worthy stone. Luckily, everyone has the ability and potential to be driven to obsession.

Yet, not every diamond is created equally. Some diamonds are the Hope while others adorn ladies’ fingers. Either way, the diamond will be adored and cherished. These diamonds will be put on display, some to a greater degree than others, but they’ll all be seen.

Then there are the hopeless diamonds. The diamonds that have been mined, but haven’t been adopted by the mind. The mind of their miner has abandoned them and they will always lack the luster needed to be a prized decoration. These jewels are nothing more than industrial grade pebbles. The diamonds will spend their existence cutting away at materials that will be used to construct something greater than the diamonds that cut it.

Inspirational Passion

Unpolished and Uncut Diamond Photograph


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