Pieces Prompt

Reese's Pieces CookiesOur lives and the fictional lives we entertain ourselves with are comprised of pieces. We can divide them by large pieces, such as years, or minuscule pieces, such as this morning’s breakfast. Without even one piece, our daily routine would be different and we would lead an altered life.

What are your favorite pieces of your life?

What were the first pieces that popped into your mind?

Now, write those down on slips of paper.

What are your favorite books, television shows, and movies?

What are your favorite pieces from those characters’ lives?

Write some of  those down on slips of paper.

Paper and HatNow, place all of those pieces of paper in a hat and draw out as many pieces as you would like. The more pieces you draw, the longer your story will be. You can always add more pieces if you find yourself in need of a few more components to choose from. (Click here if you want to use an online randomizer. This one only goes one at a time, but it will work for multiple draws.)

Option 1: The pieces you selected are the plot for your next story. You have to use each piece of your life or a fictional life in the order that you drew them.

Option 2: The pieces you drew are the backstory for one or more of your characters. The sequence of events you selected will outline your character’s past. You can repeat this process for as many characters as you would like.

Option 3: Go crazy and combine Options 1 and 2 to create the plot of your story and the lives within it.

Reese’s Pieces Cookie Picture

Pieces of Paper in a Hat Photograph


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