Forecasting Prompt

Tectonic PlatesOur planet is constantly changing. From the slow movement of tectonic plates to violent earthquakes, the surface of our home is altered daily. Some natural processes are gradual, like tectonic shifting, while others are devastatingly rapid, like earthquakes. Mechanisms such as seafloor spreading and volcanic eruptions utilize the same material with very different results.

These forces can be predictable or occur without warning.

Armageddon ForecastWhat would your character forecast be like if your characters reacted to their circumstances in the same way that the earth changed? How would characters based off of natural phenomena react to each other?

A mild-mannered girl could be a super-volcano that is on the verge of eruption.

A character could be static, yet produce great changes when they move an inch.

A boy could have a burning passion with inextinguishable flames.

A significant other could be the electrifying element of another’s life.

Disney TitansHow would these characters interact?

Which forces of nature would collide or cooperate within the story?


Will they cause titanic destruction or will they be a force for good?

Are some destined to be uncontrollable while others are meant to be reigned in?


No matter what your character forecast is, it’s bound to be gravitating.


Tectonic Plate Map

Armageddon Forecast

Disney Titans


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