Redwood Forest Prompt

Redwood PathThe majestic wood is inhabited by creatures who seem to evade your gaze while analyzing your every step. The ancient redwoods tower above you as if they were an impenetrable fortress. Gradually, the beavers and deer come into the open. The mountain lions and bobcats peacefully wander off in the distance. A smooth creek is occasionally interrupted by gentle, bubbling swells. Groups of salmon and otters navigate the placid waters. Upstream a juvenile bear disrupts the glass-like surface as it snatches a salmon. The beasts do not concern themselves with your presence.

Your stroll leads you into a wide clearing. The deer paths you followed lay to the south while a great giant lies fallen to the north. The sky is speckled with wispy, dancing clouds. The setting sun bursts through the line of trees to the west and illuminates the leaves with deep shades of red and orange.

a fallen giantYou approach the marred redwood and examine its scarred trunk. The branches that used to oversee the forest are now a mangled mass of of twisted wood. As you near the stump, the stench of lightning emanates from the splintered base. A charred oval, broken between the two parts of the tree, reveals the location of the fatal strike. You round the edge of the tree and inspect the base. To your surprise, an object protrudes from the blackened wood.

What is the object that you discovered in the redwood’s stump?

What events led to its presence in the forest and absorption into the tree trunk?

What do you do with the object?

Path in a Redwood Forest

Fallen Redwood



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