Shoes Prompt

Your typical round of icebreaker games consists of questions that force you search your soul. Not really, but you are pressured by the possibility of sharing something that isn’t fit to the setting. Common games include “Two Truths and a Lie” and “Which Dead Famous Person Would You Want to Have Dinner With?” (Hopefully after you raised them from the dead. A skeleton wouldn’t be the most entertaining guest.) These games are designed to lead you to share about yourself through a story. You normally have to tell a story about your interesting truths and your unique dinner guest. The goal of playing an icebreaker is to enable others to put themselves in your shoes, even if it’s only for a few seconds.

Gandhi and LincolnBut what about those famous soles that you want to put yourself in through dinner? You might want to have dinner with Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln, but who would they want to dine with? Who do you think served as their role models and inspiration? Famous people are just normal people, who through extreme circumstances and an astonishing will to act, who did something extraordinary. Maybe one day when you or I become famous we’ll have people who want to dine with us, but for now we’ll just look back at the past.



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