Dessert Prompt

SmoresYou’re staring down a luxurious buffet of desserts. You can eat as many as you want (You’re in the realm of imagination. Weight gain and upset stomachs are nonexistent here.). Each and every dessert has been perfectly crafted, but something is missing. Each delicacy is fantastic on its own, but they could be so much more together.

You take your fork and start combining bites of each treat. It doesn’t work and you’re still unsatisfied. Disheartened, you make your way back to your house. You step over the threshold and have a brilliant idea: combine the desserts.

You impatiently open Chrome and begin to scroll through Pinterest. Suddenly, a heavenly glow descends from the ceiling and you can hear angelic voices: you have found your two desserts (You’re in your mind, remember?).

Hastily you begin to assemble the ingredients you need to make your ultimate dessert marriage a reality. After you have crafted your confection, you gently take your first bite and give yourself a round of applause as flavors explode in your mouth.

What did you experience during your dessert adventure? What desserts did you chose to combine? How do you describe your first bite of your wondrous creation? Are you going to allow your dessert to escape your imagination?

If anyone makes a fantastic dessert, in their mind or kitchen, I want to hear about it!


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