Presidential Games Prompt

imageHow would a Hunger Games between all of the presidential candidates play out?

Which candidates would you consider to be the careers? What items would sponsors send to candidates with parachutes? Which elements (cannon firings, music, alliances, etc.) of the Hunger Games would change based off of the tributes? What items would the cornucopia possess? Who would be the first candidate to go?

Most Importantly: Who will be crowned victor and our Commander in Chief?

Write your version of the Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor.

You Decide Picture


Dessert Prompt

SmoresYou’re staring down a luxurious buffet of desserts. You can eat as many as you want (You’re in the realm of imagination. Weight gain and upset stomachs are nonexistent here.). Each and every dessert has been perfectly crafted, but something is missing. Each delicacy is fantastic on its own, but they could be so much more together.

You take your fork and start combining bites of each treat. It doesn’t work and you’re still unsatisfied. Disheartened, you make your way back to your house. You step over the threshold and have a brilliant idea: combine the desserts.

You impatiently open Chrome and begin to scroll through Pinterest. Suddenly, a heavenly glow descends from the ceiling and you can hear angelic voices: you have found your two desserts (You’re in your mind, remember?).

Hastily you begin to assemble the ingredients you need to make your ultimate dessert marriage a reality. After you have crafted your confection, you gently take your first bite and give yourself a round of applause as flavors explode in your mouth.

What did you experience during your dessert adventure? What desserts did you chose to combine? How do you describe your first bite of your wondrous creation? Are you going to allow your dessert to escape your imagination?

If anyone makes a fantastic dessert, in their mind or kitchen, I want to hear about it!

Song Bird

Society teaches us that we should dream and aspire to do great things. Then we are demolished by our “encouraging” society and its expectations. Our culture has constructed a magnificent facade that too many have trusted. I’m not one of them.

Everyone dreams, but too few even begun to work towards realizing their dreams because they believe their desires are impossible. A dream is meant to push you and inspire you to do great things. Dreams are meant to be almost impossible! Failing to attain a dream shouldn’t be discouraging; failing to meet a goal should. A dream is not a goal. If your dream can be easily accomplished, you haven’t dreamt enough. I want to dream beyond my limitations.

Our nation needs more dreamers. I want to be one of them. I’m going to be one of them.



I went to Haiti on a mission trip and grew accustomed to being speechless. Some children would wake up before dawn, hike miles up a mountain side for water, trek back to their home, and attend school. During the trip, I taught English to a class of second graders. When one student failed to get a word right, they would be frustrated with themselves. Their frustration did not stem from the fear of failure, but their desire to learn as much as possible.

These second graders learned 30 English phrases in days. They wanted more and we couldn’t give them more words. I was squatting in a cinder-block lean-to with dirt floors and a tarpaulin roof and all the kids desired was knowing more. They didn’t plead for shoes or a meal; they wanted mental sustenance. I was humbled. I had been privileged with a school, clean drinking water, tiles under my feet, and a solid roof over my head my entire life. In our society, knowledge has been reduced to a dreaded mandatory task. For these children, knowledge would give them the opportunity to free themselves from poverty.

Brick Wall

Everyone alive contributes something to their society. Every human that has ever lived has given and taken something from this great city of Humanity. We get to choose what our contributions and subtractions will be. Some people build their wall only to demolish it. When we become part of someone else’s life, we get to lay down more bricks in their wall and ours. We become part of their story as they are incorporated into ours. Collectively, we begin to build a city.

Our bricks are the quirks and experiences that make us who we are. Every brick looks different based on the incident that formed it. A brick wall has dark, light, crumbling, and sturdy bricks. A life cannot be judged based on one instance just as a wall cannot be judged by one brick. I want to have a purpose that is greater than myself; I don’t want to lead a life that is just aesthetically pleasing.


A River

Every experience we have makes us who we are. We are not passive in the path our lives take; we get to choose how every adventure shapes us. Some ventures divide us and we have to choose which fork to follow. Your river is as winding and interesting as the memories you make and the risks you are willing to take. I want to be bold as possible. I want to have a river riddled with eddies, rapids, waterfalls, and peaceful stretches.



Culture dictates that we should focus on self-promotion. Apparently anything that is bad for or displeasing to the self should be avoided. I don’t adhere to such beliefs. In the realm of forgiveness, this mentality is self-destructive. A grudge is meant to be expressed and released. The act of release frees you.

When you’re stuck in the midst of pain and grief, you feel like your redemption from your Shawshank will never be achieved. I can’t forgive others on the turn of a dime. I just pick up my rock hammer and chip away at my stone heart. The days, months, or years it takes to break each stone makes me stronger. The process is tedious and draining, but I still benefit from it. The rubble is left behind, but the destructive mass cannot threaten to flatten me.