The List

“It’s not things to know, not things you will learn, but things you already should know but maybe are a little dumb, so you don’t.” – A. M. Homes

Somethings are so simple that we fail to recognize that we know them. Other times we just need to be reminded that we know them. These simple truths are everywhere and can be seen in almost any circumstance. We encounter the “Things You Should Know” on a daily basis.

Everyone has their own list. We build these lists and acquire more truths for them based on our experiences and beliefs. Everyone else misses out on our list because they are busy making their own lists.

  1. Cost and worth are two different things.
  2. Never complain about winter to an Alaskan.
  3. Everyone is enduring their own struggles.
  4. You probably won’t survive a zombie apocalypse.
  5. “Just one more” is never just one more.
  6. “Do what you will because you will anyways.” – A. M. Homes
  7. Comments sections are not the proper place to correct grammar.
  8. Others talk behind your back.
  9. You were an annoying freshman.
  10. You don’t have to watch the new episode of that show.
  11. Everyone is pessimistic about politics.
  12. When complaining about taxes, you are preaching to the choir.
  13. Even the choir needs preaching to.
  14. Valentine’s Day is a marketing scheme.
  15. Avoiding risk is avoiding opportunity.
  16. You should stop banking on winning the lottery.
  17. You have eyes on you at all times, but even those eyes have eyes on them.
  18. Everyone had dreams and everyone envisions accomplishing them.
  19. Failure is always an option as long as you don’t fail to get back up.
  20. The solar system doesn’t revolve around you.
  21. We aren’t content; we continually seek out new things.
  22. Your children will think about trends from your teens the same way you think about trends from your parents’ teens.
  23. Denial is an attachment to your current situation.
  24. The zombie apocalypse is irrational and improbable, disregard number 4.
  25. You get to choose how your life is judged through your choices.
  26. You’ll never have enough time; you have to have enough determination.
  27. You’ll never have a Barbie body (that’s good).
  28. “If you begin and it’s not the beginning, begin again.” – A. M. Homes
  29. Vulnerability is a display of courage, not weakness.
  30. We are not our failures. We are not our successes.
  31. Ignorance is self-destructive.
  32. Being stagnant is suffering a living death.

Respecting differences is acknowledging others’ lists. We’re supposed to help others create experiences and miss out on some. Being part of an experience gives us memories. Missing out on an experience gives us stories to hear.


My list was inspired by “Things You Should Know” by A. M. Homes.



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