The Dream Tower

DreamingWhy do we have such an affinity for dreams? Our mind and heart collaborate to create them. We build these magnificent skyscrapers of “what ifs…” and “I can’t wait to’s…” only to restrain them as mental blueprints.

How many of our skyscrapers were killed the second the drafting process began? How many were never allowed to leave the planning phase? I wonder how many towers had their foundation laid out before motivational and innovational funding ran out.


We promise ourselves too much and become angry at ourselves when we fall short. We lose interest in the things we love because of life. We blame our age, stress, sports, chores, work…the list of excuses goes on and on (like Celine Dion’s heart). We stare longingly at the blueprints while waiting to have the resources to realize them. We just keep idly staring. We fall into the trap of believing that allowing our life to stay on its current course will allow the future to open up opportunity.


Dream CityWe’re so passive with the things that should require us to be the most active. We watch as the dreams we should have taken by the horns and claimed victory over trample us with regret. Our city of dreams fades into a desolate ghost town.


businessman hold sledgehammer cracking big hole discovered natural skyWe just have to start our renovation. The scariest part is always the first brick or swing of the sledge hammer. Revise your blueprints, choose where to start, and pick up the hammer.





Dreaming Picture

City Picture

Blueprint Picture

Sledge Hammer Picture


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