Practically Impaired Prompt

Captain ObviousEveryday we have numerous opportunities to make extremely impractical and foolish decisions. Some of these choices are clear to everyone we pass while others can be concealed. There are some decisions that can easily be discerned, but what if you had to make the wrong choice when the right one was so obvious that Captain Obvious would be ashamed to announce it?

Well, now it’s right to make the wrong choice.

Adventure is Out ThereYou’re about to embark on an adventure. All of your bags are packed, but you’re missing something…

Shoes! You almost forgot the shoes that you’ll need for your journey. You run back to your closet to find a pair of shoes, but all your footwear is missing. There is only a note on top of a shoe box. The note instructs you to think of the journey you are about to go on then to open the box.

So you allow your mind to imagine what lies before you. Then you flip the lid off and gawk at the shoes that are in the box.

High Heel and Hiking BootThe box has granted you with the most impractical shoes for your trip. You lift the shoes out of the box and find another note. The second note warns that any shoes you attempt to purchase will vanish instantly. You have no choice and slide the awful shoes onto your feet and head out the door.

What was your trip like with the shoes on? Did you get painful blisters or foot cramps? Did the heels you received make you taller and give you better views? Did the snow boots make your feet sweat uncontrollably? What did the locals say as you walked by? How did you explain your fashion “choice?”

Just hope that your shoe box of doom doesn’t have any of these shoes!

Captain Obvious Picture

Adventure is Out There Picture

High Heel and Hiking Boot Picture


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