Where’s the Grass Greener? Prompt


You can dream hop. Anyone’s dreams are fair game; however, the second you step into one, you are trapped for a week. You must inhabit their body and experience their emotions in order to return to your life.

There are a few limitations and restrictions that you need to acquaint yourself with. 1) You must know the person’s name. 2) They must be of your gender. 3) You are just an observer. You have no control over their actions, but you experience their emotions and physical pain as well as your reactionary feelings. 4) If one of you dies, both of you will return to your respective bodies. 5) The person you swap lives with will have to follow the same guidelines.


[Name’s] life hasn’t been everything it had been a year ago. Everything that could have gone wrong has come crashing down on them. They want to escape but they haven’t grown desperate enough to resort to hopping…

Now, [Name] is an emotional and physical train wreck. They can’t withstand the numerous burdens they have been forced to carry. [Name] is going to hop until things get better.

Who are you? Are you the [Name]less hopper who yearns to escape their unfortunate circumstances? Or are you the victim who was forcibly taken from their body?

If you are the hopper, who do you choose to swap lives with? If you are the “kidnapped” observer, what were you doing the moment that you were placed into another life?

imageWhat do you learn during the week? Do you appreciate your life more? If you are the hopper, do you regret your choice? If you are the victim, how do you feel about the hopper?




Spongebob Dream Hopping Picture

Philosophical Horse Picture


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