Planets Prompt

SaturnWhat planet would you live on if you couldn’t die from its inhospitable environment? NASA has gene mutating technology that would enable your body to adapt to any conditions on the planet you decide to inhabit (not really, sorry).

Think about the journey you are about to embark on. Depending on the planet you choose, your space travel may last a few months to several years. (Don’t ask me why NASA decided to ensure life could be supported on other planets before upgrading their spacecraft technology.)

What were the best and worst things you experienced on your journey? What aspect of space travel shocked you or failed to impress you? What did you and your fellow astronauts do to pass the time?

NeptuneSo, the journey is over and your hand is on the hatch lever in the airlock. You pull up on the lever and the door swings open. As you begin to take in your surroundings, what features stand out? What is the first thing you touch? What tasks do you need to have accomplished before the day is over?

Congratulations! You’re a few weeks into your stay. Your body has completely adapted to your new home and spacesuits are no longer necessary. How has your body changed to allow you to breathe “the air” on the planet? Do you plan on staying on the planet or are you ready to return to Earth? What constellations do the stars form from your new perspective?

One Astronaut’s Experience

A Launch Experience

Awesome Space Facts

Planet Photographs


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