Composing Prompt

Music Doodle

Orators have been renowned for their ability to manipulate words. Musicians have the ability to manipulate words and instruments.

The instrumental acts as a catalyst for the singers’ words. Placing the words into a musical setting allows the words to transform into lyrics and transcend emotional barriers.

Music can pump us up before the big game, console us after a break up, accompany us during the first dance, and get us through lengthy car rides. No matter how amazing your favorite song is, it takes a special song to apply to every situation. However, snippets of (insert whatever emotion you need at the moment) songs can be meshed to created your current anthem.

You might not be musically inclined, but someone else has already done the legwork. You just have to track down the bits and pieces that you need to compile your song. Think about the process of making a mixtape and squishing it all into one song.Music.jpg


Try not to process your emotions. Just turn on some music and listen for something to resonate.







Music Artwork

Music Exploding from Brain Photograph



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