Crop Happens

IMG_3306Photography isn’t just about your camera settings, the subject, or your angle, you have to look for what your photographs can become. Simply omitting some elements of your photograph can add drama, change the focus, magnify the subject, and let you tell a different story. Photos can be transformed from the regular aspect of your camera into another in such a way that those viewing your work are given a different perspective.

Take my header image as an example: During our grueling bus ride from Wales to Edinburgh, Scotland, we were given several rest stops. One such stop happened at an old stone bridge. I saw the mountains and the river and thought to myself, “Self, this would make a great picture.” I snapped a few shots, took some deep breaths of fresh air and boarded the bus. Months later I was attempting to find a suitable header image and happened across my rest-stop quick shot. I played around with it and cropped it into the image I have now.

Before Cropping
Before Cropping
After Cropping
After Cropping

The foreground took away from the dramatic presence of the mountains. Although the river provided a sense of where I was, the cropped image highlighted the scenery. I was able to eliminate the competition between the river and the mountains so that your attention would be drawn into their majestic slopes. The river is still part of the photograph’s story, but the main characters, the mountains, become the uncontested focal point.

Before my healthy photography obsession began, I always viewed people utilizing their hands to frame prospective shots as those creative people that just wanted to flaunt their creativeness. Now, my hands are an invaluable tool in the moments leading up to capturing the photo.

Even if you think you look goofy, just remember that you are going to get some awesome photos and everyone who thinks you look silly is missing out on some great pictures!


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