The Squirrel-Bear and her Crazy Boy

IMG_3279 Zoey is our oxymoronic guard bear. She might be a black Golden Labrador on the outside, but she has the heart of a squirrel-bear. She protects her little buddy like a jealous mama bear with the attention span and energy of a caffeinated squirrel. They’re each others’ playmate and ride or die. No, seriously the little guy has repeatedly rode his battery-powered John Deere (no animals were harmed during this production of fun) into her and she delights in it.

He’ll steal deli meat from the refrigerator or try to share his iced tea with her. Zoey will selflessly share her kibbles and a Milk-Bone to return the favor. The crazy boy will sneak her into the house and hope that our parents don’t notice the 130 pound dog flopping down the hardwood.

They want to share everything together. I pray that one day he’ll have a human friend that cares for him as much as she does.IMG_3280


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