Stressed Out

American teenagers are too stressed. One of my friends has been intensly studying for an APUSH test (while frequently dry heaving). She believes that failure (defined by today’s standards of anything less than a B-) will result in rejection letters when she applies for college. With the all or nothing mind frame that has been instilled in pupils, it is no wonder that teenagers are the most stressed age group in the nation. Teen stress stems from high academic standards and upcoming life changes. School is the main culprit of teens’ worries, but it could serve as the solution.

Educational institutions owe it to the students to contribute to the solution of teen stress. Students would benefit from a study hall period for meditation only. Giving students a period to relax and take their mind off of life’s demands could set apart a bit of time to be stress free. Education could improve students’ mental state while increasing their mental capacity. Maybe then students can stop feeling like they’re part of a Pink Floyd music video.

But then again, what do I know? I’m just one of the 41,844,000 attempting to cope with the demands of the educational system.

Stressed Out Music Video Photograph


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