Mountains Prompt

Mountain and ManWhat conglomeration of hills and mountains have you traversed? What names could you give to the struggles you’ve overcome?

Each of us have our own unique range. Each mountain has its own elevation and demands a certain level of endurance. Every time we conquer a mountain or hill we get a great view. You get to appreciate what you’ve just overcome and observe past struggles from a new perspective. The mountain range doesn’t end at the top of a peak; you trek through it during your entire life. You constantly find yourself in different figurative geographic features: from the foothills to the middle of a blizzard or from a peaceful valley to the top of your Mount Everest. The elevation of each mountain is relevant to the others. Some mountains (such as not getting dessert as a child) seem like ant hills next to the mountains of today.

What point of view would provide the best perspective? What are the elevations of your mountains? Do you have a mix of dauntingly cold peaks or volatile tropical volcanoes? I bet your figurative mountain ascent can be transformed into a literal story.

Map out your mountain range and look at the journey you’ve completed so far. There are going to be mountains that consume  your red sheep and those where a lone sheep returns. You’re journey’s already begun and you’ve peaked enough mountains. Now it’s time to see where they lead you.

Photograph of a Hiker in the Mountains

Photograph of Volcano


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