“I’m glad,” I replied and smiled. I was relieved – there was no way I wanted to hear about my future.

She swiftly turned her back to me and glided out of the room as if she was an apparition from a trance. But before the rusted door could separate us, she glimpsed back and coolly told me that soon I would. I could not avoid my fate forever.

The thick bars that stood between us sealed along with my future. It was out of my hands. Lady Justice was in control and would decide just how long my future would be.

My lawyer left without another word. The click of her heels echoed down the hallway and demanded the attention of the other inmates. The guards even granted her the same recognition. The block door slammed shut and the hollow thud resonated through the cells and my mind.

The court appearance slowly faded from my thoughts, and I was left with nothing but the desolate walls of my cell. In the distance, almost as if it were another world, I could hear conversations and laughter. The occasional high pitched clank of weights offered a muffling beat to the inmates’ exchanges.

I had not been granted such a privilege. I had only my thoughts to interact with. I stuffed my head into the neck of my orange jumpsuit and prayed that sleep wouldn’t elude me. Tomorrow would come along with the verdict that would determine my future.

I knew that the facts were irrelevant to my guilt, only the color of my skin mattered now.




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