The Choosing Prompt

FullSizeRender-4What are your three favorite books? Those wonderful pieces of art that you open and new worlds unfold. Those books that can only be described by insisting “Read this, now.” Which books give you that high of placing yourself inside another dimension?

Open your three and read the first sentence of each. Using only the first sentence from each of your favorite books, write a new sentence (changing tense when needed). This sentence is the beginning of whatever you choose to write.

If you can’t choose three (I struggled for a bit), then rank your favorite books (if that is even possible) and take the first sentence out of each. Use every three books as a group for a sentence.

Your sentence doesn’t have to be long and complicated. Choose the story you want to tell and then use the three sentences to start it. Keeping some of the original phrases intact will help you to get started. Take the bits from each sentence that you envision leading into your story . Work with those bits until you get the first sentence.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time: “It was 7 minutes after midnight.”

The Help: “Mae Mobley was born early on a early Sunday morning in August 1960.”

The Fault in Our Stars: “Late in the winter of my seventeenth year, my mother decided I was depressed, presumably because I rarely left the house, spent quite a lot of time in bed, read the same book over and over, ate infrequently, and devoted quite a bit of my abundant free time thinking about death.”

My Sentence: It was midnight, early Sunday morning, and I was free.


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Rare Disease Day

imageHappy February 29th! I won’t be able to say that until February 29, 2020. We are currently living in a day that won’t exist next year.

In addition to today being a Leap Day, it’s Rare Disease Day! So, Happy Rare Disease Day! That might sound awful, but I’m in this group so I have a license to celebrate as I please! This day isn’t for celebrating the existence of these diseases. It’s for celebrating everything that patients have overcome, medical innovations, and everything that is still to come. This year’s “global theme, ‘Patient Voice,’ recognizes the crucial role that patients play in voicing their needs and in instigating change that improves their lives and the lives of their families and carers.”


While some of the symptoms of these diseases can be seen and others are hidden, anyone with a disease, rare or not, deserves to have their voice heard. We are not our struggles. We are not our diseases. We are not our limitations. We are what we decide to do with them.

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The List

“It’s not things to know, not things you will learn, but things you already should know but maybe are a little dumb, so you don’t.” – A. M. Homes

Somethings are so simple that we fail to recognize that we know them. Other times we just need to be reminded that we know them. These simple truths are everywhere and can be seen in almost any circumstance. We encounter the “Things You Should Know” on a daily basis.

Everyone has their own list. We build these lists and acquire more truths for them based on our experiences and beliefs. Everyone else misses out on our list because they are busy making their own lists.

  1. Cost and worth are two different things.
  2. Never complain about winter to an Alaskan.
  3. Everyone is enduring their own struggles.
  4. You probably won’t survive a zombie apocalypse.
  5. “Just one more” is never just one more.
  6. “Do what you will because you will anyways.” – A. M. Homes
  7. Comments sections are not the proper place to correct grammar.
  8. Others talk behind your back.
  9. You were an annoying freshman.
  10. You don’t have to watch the new episode of that show.
  11. Everyone is pessimistic about politics.
  12. When complaining about taxes, you are preaching to the choir.
  13. Even the choir needs preaching to.
  14. Valentine’s Day is a marketing scheme.
  15. Avoiding risk is avoiding opportunity.
  16. You should stop banking on winning the lottery.
  17. You have eyes on you at all times, but even those eyes have eyes on them.
  18. Everyone had dreams and everyone envisions accomplishing them.
  19. Failure is always an option as long as you don’t fail to get back up.
  20. The solar system doesn’t revolve around you.
  21. We aren’t content; we continually seek out new things.
  22. Your children will think about trends from your teens the same way you think about trends from your parents’ teens.
  23. Denial is an attachment to your current situation.
  24. The zombie apocalypse is irrational and improbable, disregard number 4.
  25. You get to choose how your life is judged through your choices.
  26. You’ll never have enough time; you have to have enough determination.
  27. You’ll never have a Barbie body (that’s good).
  28. “If you begin and it’s not the beginning, begin again.” – A. M. Homes
  29. Vulnerability is a display of courage, not weakness.
  30. We are not our failures. We are not our successes.
  31. Ignorance is self-destructive.
  32. Being stagnant is suffering a living death.

Respecting differences is acknowledging others’ lists. We’re supposed to help others create experiences and miss out on some. Being part of an experience gives us memories. Missing out on an experience gives us stories to hear.


My list was inspired by “Things You Should Know” by A. M. Homes.


Considering The Magnificent

Magnificence Through My Eyes

What makes something magnificent? What makes a thing so fantastic that it isn’t confined to what it is? It’s description doesn’t stop at just a definition; it’s qualified as something greater than it’s purpose.

But what makes something exceed the limits of what it was made for? When does ordinary become extraordinary and then develop into something even greater?

Does the magnificent creation describe the attributes of its creator? Does the magnificent creation describe the things that can be created from it?

Our language has thousands of adjectives, and this could be applied to any of them. A word isn’t just defined by a dictionary; it is defined by the implications that it has. A word is so much greater than its meaning, connotation, or the sum of its letters.



College Essay Prompt

College EssayWriting college essays can be stressful. Whether you are writing for admissions or scholarships, the pressure is on.

Tons of websites will offer you tips on how to knock your essays out of the park, but these tips are useless if you don’t have a personal aim.

Your aim should be to address the college’s prompt through you (experiences, personality, etc.) in a fun and exciting way.

If you don’t take pride in telling your story, others won’t enjoy reading it.

What essay prompt would give you the resources necessary to showcase your personality and talents? What prompt would best equip you to tell a unique story that conveys more than a series of events?

Create your prompt and write your story.

Story Picture

Practically Impaired Prompt

Captain ObviousEveryday we have numerous opportunities to make extremely impractical and foolish decisions. Some of these choices are clear to everyone we pass while others can be concealed. There are some decisions that can easily be discerned, but what if you had to make the wrong choice when the right one was so obvious that Captain Obvious would be ashamed to announce it?

Well, now it’s right to make the wrong choice.

Adventure is Out ThereYou’re about to embark on an adventure. All of your bags are packed, but you’re missing something…

Shoes! You almost forgot the shoes that you’ll need for your journey. You run back to your closet to find a pair of shoes, but all your footwear is missing. There is only a note on top of a shoe box. The note instructs you to think of the journey you are about to go on then to open the box.

So you allow your mind to imagine what lies before you. Then you flip the lid off and gawk at the shoes that are in the box.

High Heel and Hiking BootThe box has granted you with the most impractical shoes for your trip. You lift the shoes out of the box and find another note. The second note warns that any shoes you attempt to purchase will vanish instantly. You have no choice and slide the awful shoes onto your feet and head out the door.

What was your trip like with the shoes on? Did you get painful blisters or foot cramps? Did the heels you received make you taller and give you better views? Did the snow boots make your feet sweat uncontrollably? What did the locals say as you walked by? How did you explain your fashion “choice?”

Just hope that your shoe box of doom doesn’t have any of these shoes!

Captain Obvious Picture

Adventure is Out There Picture

High Heel and Hiking Boot Picture

The Dream Tower

DreamingWhy do we have such an affinity for dreams? Our mind and heart collaborate to create them. We build these magnificent skyscrapers of “what ifs…” and “I can’t wait to’s…” only to restrain them as mental blueprints.

How many of our skyscrapers were killed the second the drafting process began? How many were never allowed to leave the planning phase? I wonder how many towers had their foundation laid out before motivational and innovational funding ran out.


We promise ourselves too much and become angry at ourselves when we fall short. We lose interest in the things we love because of life. We blame our age, stress, sports, chores, work…the list of excuses goes on and on (like Celine Dion’s heart). We stare longingly at the blueprints while waiting to have the resources to realize them. We just keep idly staring. We fall into the trap of believing that allowing our life to stay on its current course will allow the future to open up opportunity.


Dream CityWe’re so passive with the things that should require us to be the most active. We watch as the dreams we should have taken by the horns and claimed victory over trample us with regret. Our city of dreams fades into a desolate ghost town.


businessman hold sledgehammer cracking big hole discovered natural skyWe just have to start our renovation. The scariest part is always the first brick or swing of the sledge hammer. Revise your blueprints, choose where to start, and pick up the hammer.





Dreaming Picture

City Picture

Blueprint Picture

Sledge Hammer Picture