words beautyWords and I are pretty tight. They were my first love (I already mentioned that I was a huge nerd). They never use me and I can use them whenever I feel like it. But I don’t abuse them: I use them in the way that they were intended to be. That’s what makes words special: everyone has access to them, we all possess words, and we have the freedom to do what we wish with them.

You might decide to write a song while I write a story. Although we only have 26 letters at our disposal, we can do so much with them.

There are words that we’re supposed to use on a frequent basis (such as “I love you”) and those that shouldn’t leave our tongue (I’ll let your imagination handle this one). We all have access to the same alphabet, but what we make of it is completely up to us. They’re a medium that you don’t have to be an artist to manipulate into something beautiful; your existence as a human being is enough to make something meaningful out of our vocabulary.

Beauty Quote


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