Near and Sincere

I’m a Christian, writer, photographer, student-athlete, hunter, and fisher(wo)man from a small town. I’m not your average high school student. I refuse to be stagnate and strive to be me (even though I’m still discovering who Madey is.)

This blog is the digital representation of all the crazy things that run through my gerbil powered mind. Yep, told you I wasn’t average. And that’s just the beginning.

Cross in DublinI’m a Christian, but not in the slightest am I ritualistic. It’s a relationship that I strive to maintain. Although the relationship isn’t face to face, it’s far from being one-sided. I might not always hear replies, but I can look around and see His presence everywhere. The sun rising over the valley in the morning, the birds singing as they swoop through the air and each breath I take are enough proof for me.


Writing PadFrom the moment I could hold a pencil and create something, anything, I was. The “words” that flowed from the graphite might not have meant something, but they were there and they were mine. Writing soon became one of my passions (journals have always been a popular birthday present). Sometimes words betray me, not because I can’t convey what I’m attempting to express, but because I have too many swirling around in my head. If I’m speechless, the likely culprit is the thesaurus of words trapped in my brain that yearns to be freed.

budding PhotographerPhotography used to be one of my hidden passions that was waiting to break out of a cocoon. Now, it is a magnificent butterfly that wants me to revel in its beauty. The stories that can be told and shared through photography are unimaginably diverse and expressive. As a photographer, I can change my point of view and completely alter the meaning of a photo. I get to let others view the world as I view it.

BaseballAthletics are my star crossed love. I used to play softball, but I was forced to give up playing competitively after I sustained a knee injury (which developed into Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome). Although I’m in remission from the condition, I know that I’m not where I had been. Each pain-free day is a blessing. Thankfully, my high school allows students too serve as managers so I haven’t been completely separated from the sport I love.

Dad and I with DeerI’ve been hunting since I was a seventh grader, but this was the first big buck I shot. There’s just something magical about sitting up in a tree, watching the sunrise, waiting in anticipation, persevering through the sleet, and coming home with your deer in the bed of your truck. The long drives to the farm and the learning curve of the sport brought my dad and I closer together. When October comes around you’ll know where to find me.

Tiny with Fish
My little brother poses with his first catch.

I grew up with a pond teaming with bluegill, channel catfish, and largemouth bass just beyond my play-set. Although I would relax on the banks, I was never too relaxed because I was impatiently staring at my line, waiting for a fish to take my bait. Now, I envision myself back on the banks of our pond as I watch my little brother attempt to be patient.

This is just my foundation, a simple blueprint of my life. Photographs are static and the stories they tell only inform you of the storyteller’s past. Personality traits, dreams, and beliefs change and develop as we grow. The fluid aspects of our lives can be discussed as matters of the past, present, and future. These photographic encapsulations are near to describing me, but they’re not nearly as sincere as what’s to come.


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